Parents/Guardians of Harmony 175,

On Tuesday, January 11, the Illinois State Board of Education updated their COVID guidance in response to IDPH and CDC’s recent recommendations for school settings.  These changes include the potential for students who test positive to return after 5 days instead of 10 if they are asymptomatic or have improving conditions.  However, the guidance also states that schools ensure those students have strict mask protocol and are spaced 6’ apart when masks have to be removed (ie - eating/drinking). 

Unfortunately, we can not ensure 6’ of distance from other students or staff when masks are removed, which creates the potential for further spread and transmission among our students and staff.   Therefore, at this time, all Harmony 175 schools will continue following the 10-day guidance for all students who test POSITIVE for COVID-19

CLOSE CONTACTS - For unvaccinated students who are considered close contact, the quarantine period is now 10 days with the possibility of returning after 5 days pending a negative COVID test and no symptoms are present.   Fully vaccinated students remain exempt from having to quarantine due to close contact unless they develop symptoms.  If a child – vaccinated or not – develops COVID-related symptoms, they must stay home and isolate for the mandated period or receive a negative test that confirms the symptoms are not caused by COVID-19.

Harmony SD 175 will continue to work closely with our local and state agencies as we respond to the challenges of COVID.  If there are any more changes to our plan, we will communicate them out immediately.  Thank you for all you do at home as well as your patience and understanding during this difficult time.


Dr. Deets, Superintendent