Harmony 175

Message from the Superintendent – September 2022

Hello Parents/Guardians of Harmony 175,
It’s hard to believe we are already a month and a half into the school year. On behalf of the School Board, thank you so much to all of our teachers, staff, and admin for all of their hard work and dedication. It’s very exciting to see the work taking place to help our students grow both academically and social-emotionally. But, our staff can not do it alone. They must have your help and support at home in order for our students to reach their fullest potential. So, I thank those at home who are taking the time to engage with your children, help them with their schoolwork, reinforce good character, and partner with our teachers to make this the best year yet.

Last night, the Board of Education held our regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Below are a few items that were discussed.

1. Congratulations to Harmony and Emge Principal, Mrs. Terri Kraemer, on being recognized as
this year’s IPA Southwestern Region Principal of the Year (K-8 level). Terri received her award
on Thursday, September 15. We are so proud of Mrs. Kraemer and incredibly grateful for her
leadership here at Harmony 175.
2. Last month, the 2022-23 tentative budget was presented. Last night, we held our required budget hearing before the regular board meeting and the board voted to approve the budget in our regular meeting. You can view the budget on our website at www.harmony175.org.
3. Our required annual district financial audit was also completed recently and once again
contained no findings. A big thank you to the team here at central office for all they do!
4. I also provided a brief overview of our Evidence Based Funding, which is the formula Illinois
uses to determine how much state funding we receive. 90% of our EBF goes into the Education
Fund, while 6% goes into Transportation and 4% into Operations and Maintenance.
5. A big thank you to Stookey Township for recognizing Harmony 175 as a Stookey Standout. This recognition was received due to the improvements and upkeep to our building and grounds as well as our service to the community.

Thank you for all that you do and I hope you enjoy the incredible fall weather we are experiencing!

Dr. Deets, Superintendent