Harmony 175

Message from the Superintendent – May 2022

Hello Parents/Guardians of Harmony 175,
I’d like to thank all of our families as well as Harmony 175’s entire team of educators for your
flexibility, patience, and hard work in successfully navigating through yet another challenging
school year. Over the past two months we were able to regain a little more sense of normalcy,
but it wasn’t until this past month that we were really able to experience the many events,
programs, and trips that we haven’t had since the 2019-20. As we wrap up this school year, I
hope that the summer time brings a period of joy and recharging as we look ahead to the 2022-
23 school year.
On Monday night, the Board of Education held its regularly scheduled monthly board meeting.
Below is an overview of some of the key items as well as a few other items of importance:
1. We recognized our second semester teacher and support staff “awards of excellence.”
Congratulations to Norman Mars (Transportation Director) and Shioniece LeFlore
(Assistant Transportation Director) on winning the recognition for outstanding support
staff and Mr. Tristan Burgmann on winning the recognition for outstanding teacher.
Thank you for all that you do!
2. Mr. O’Neill, our District Business Manager, presented the highlights of our amended
budget for 2021-22. Harmony 175 has to amend the budget for this school year primarily
due to the influx of federal ESSER money. The amended budget hearing has been set for
June 27 at 6:45pm (before the 7:00pm regular board of education meeting).
3. In-person registration for the 2022-23 school year has been set for Thursday, July 28 (9:00-
12:00 and 2:00-7:00). Online registration will be opening soon so please be on the lookout
from your school buildings concerning registration.
4. No more free breakfast/lunch - The federal program that has allowed school districts to
offer free breakfast and lunch to ALL students regardless of income will expire on June
30, 2022. Since 2020, this program eliminated the need to collect payments for school
meals for any student. At this time, the federal government has not extended the waivers
for next school year to allow free meals for all students. As a result, Harmony 175 (and
schools across the nation) will be reverting back to free and reduced-price meals based on
income eligibility guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Families who do
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not qualify for free or reduced lunch will have to pay for school meals. *This program did
not eliminate any fees owed prior to March 2020.
5. A separate communication has already been sent in regards to school safety in the wake
of the tragic shooting at Ross Elementary in Texas. The timing of this shooting was sadly
ironic, because the Board of Education spent a considerable amount of time on Monday
night discussing school safety and procedures. I thank the Board of Education for their
continued support and initiative in regards to our safety and security plans.
Once again, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do and I wish you a wonderful summer
Dr. Dave Deets, Superintendent